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Ever Heard of a Polenta Party?
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I spent a little time discovering polenta parties last night.  They look REALLY really fun and I would love to host one.  Essentially, from what I have gathered, it’s an old Italian tradition that helped people keep warm and fed in … Read More

Another Day, Another Theme Change
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Here we are, trying again to make my site look like some kind of professional.  Thanks for being so patient with me while I try again to figure this silly thing out.  Browse around in the mean time and lemme … Read More

Time to Get Fruity!
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Well, I’ve been fussing with this long enough.  It’s time to get to bed and get ready to cut some new fruit!!  Tomorrow I’m gonna try to craft some red peppers!!!!!  ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM?!?!?!?!  WEEE!!!

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