Welcome to my whimsical world of whirligigs n goo!

Well… maybe not that much goo.  That sounds kinda awful actually.

Anyway, welcome welcome.  This is one of the many bits of pieces of things that I am juggling at the moment, my artsyfartsy outlet while I do more “grown up” things on the sides.

Perhaps you are wondering how I got into making all of these funky things in the first place.  Im so glad you wondered about asking!  You see, I am an artist!  Yes, I know, it seems like a silly thing to say perhaps to you, but there was a fair stretch of my life where, frankly, I FORGOT that I was an artist.  If I go too long without art and/or music in my life, I start to get a wee bit antsy.  It was in one of these particularly antsy moments that a wonderful friend suggested that I get lost in a course called, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  What a great gal.  That suggestion helped me redirect my life in a number of ways, one of which was this, the birth of DanDann Designs.  It started as an emergency injection of “I HAVE TO MAKE SOMETHING NOW!!!”  But when people started complimenting my creations and asking about them, it morphed into a business.  Funny how things work like that.  But anyway, here we are.  DanDann Designs is a method of grounding and reconnecting with myself, that I can share with You.  It makes me happy, and well… I hope you love it as much as I do!


Big Ups to my girl Tina – you saved my life <3


Beyond Salad

Demand Trees

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